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Gem-seal pavement products in antioch, il

Serving Lake County, McHenry County, North Shore and Kenosha County
Black Diamond XL is a heavy-duty petroleum-based pavement sealer with enhanced durability, adhesion, and wear resistance. Black Diamond provides a variety of benefits not seen by other processed sealants.


features and benefits of gem-seal

  • Eco friendly--acceptable for use in refined tar restricted areas; may be applied in all states
  • Durable--longer lasting than AE sealers
  • Color stable--eliminates graying issues; will stay black and not fade
  • Fuel resistant--resists gasoline and oil penetration similar to refined tar sealer
  • Tougher--resists power steering marks
  • Water based Low VOC--less than 100 grams per liter
  • Easy to apply--applies as smoothly as refined tar sealers
  • Burn free--crews will love to work with it!
  • Temperature friendly--can be applied in lower temperatures than AE sealers
  • Weatherproof--seals out damaging effects of water and oil, extending the life of asphalt pavement
  • Consistent--manufactured in our precision colloid mill system, which takes the mystery out of mix design
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Coal tar ban

Coal tar has long been used as a preferred seal coating for roads, parking lots and driveways. Recent studies found by the United States Geological Survey have called for a ban of coal tar sealants in some towns in Chicago. Be aware of your available options by hiring a professional sealcoating company.

Our Solution

Mike's Sealcoating offers Gem-Seal Black Diamond pavement sealer, a highly feasible alternative to coal tar based sealant. In case your area comes under coal tar pavement sealant ban, you can now opt for the Gem Seal sealer, which provides the same benefits and gives long lasting life to asphalt surfaces.

Your Advantage

Whether the tar ban is in effect in your part of town, we offer you both coal tar as well as black diamond sealant options. We leave it entirely at your discretion to choose any of these for your asphalt project. For communities that have the ban in place, you can still gain all the advantages of a sturdy asphalt based surface with Gem Seal Black Diamond pavement sealer.
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