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Asphalt repair services from antioch, il

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Sealed pavement offers a positive image of cleanliness to your company and/or home. The sealer helps enhance and beautify the asphalt by giving it a rich black color. It also helps make the asphalt wear and look more like new. Most importantly, sealcoating helps protect your investment by extending the life of your asphalt, which saves you money in the long run.
Asphalt pavements are a simple combination of rock, sand, and adhesive (the liquid asphalt that binds everything together). UV radiation breaks down this adhesive. This weakens the asphalt to the point that it can no longer hold the rocks and sand intact. This gradually loosens the top surface.
Sealcoating slows down oxidation and water penetration by blocking out natural elements (sun, wind, rain, snow, & ice). It also helps asphalt resist harmful man-made elements (fuel, antifreeze, oil, salt, etc.).
Asphalt sealer reduces exposure to oxygen and water by filling small voids in asphalt. This extends the life of the pavement. Sealcoating older pavement is also beneficial because it helps to replace fine particles lost from the surface due to oxidation.
Parking Lot View - SealCoating in  Antioch, IL
Parking Space - SealCoating in  Antioch, IL

Sealcoating Process For Parking Lots & Driveways

Whether we are sealcoating a commercial parking lot or a residential driveway, the same professional techniques are used to ensure every job meets and exceeds any and all expectations.

Step One: Cleaning

This is the most important step of all! If the asphalt is not prepped correctly the sealant will not adhere properly thus causing chipping, flaking, and premature ware. For starters we ensure that all grass is trimmed from the edges of the parking lot or driveway, and any grass that is growing through cracks and holes is removed. Then we wire and powerbrush the parking lot or driveway to ensure all dirt is loosened. We follow this by blowing off the surface to make sure all dirt and debris is removed. Next we treat all oil, gas, and chemical spots with SealMaster Prep Seal Oil Spot Primer. This material is designed to break down any foreign chemicals to ensure proper sealing.

Step Two: Crack Filling- *OPTIONAL

We apply crack filler to cracks ¼” and larger per the clients request. Some clients opt out of the crack filling process because the esthetic of the darker black line is unappealing to them. However, crack filling is a very important step because although the asphalt sealer will help protect some hairline cracks, it will not protect larger ones. If cracks are left untreated water can seep into them and (during the winter months) freeze.
When water freezes it is so strong that it can shred water pipes causing them to burst. It's the same concept with asphalt. The ice can cause the cracks to spread further apart, eventually lifting the asphalt and causing pot holes (which are much more costly to fix).
There are two crack filling options. One of our trained professionals can help you decide which option is best for you.
**Please note webbed cracking, alligator cracking and cracks on the edge do not warrant crack sealing, because these areas of asphalt have already failed.

Step Three: Sealcoating

We use quality GemSeal products - your choice of Coal Tar or Black Diamond XL - that are mixed with FSA. This is a polymer/copolymer latex additive that ensures a rich black color, longer lasting sealant, and allows faster drying. This product meets and exceeds all government specifications.

Step Four: Barricading the property

We barricade the property with flagging tape for 24-48 hours. Please discard tape after adequate drying time.


Patching & Repairs

Common Problems & Solutions:
Problem: Pot holes! Pot holes are not only unsightly, but dangerous. They can be a tripping hazard to customers/ guests, and they can cause serious damage to their vehicles. Protect yourself from possible liabilities and call us today for a FREE no obligation quote.
Solution: We offer a cost effective alternative to the full replacement of your driveway or parking lot. Our trained technicians will cut out the damaged area, re-grade/ repair the gravel base under the asphalt, then compact a new layer of hot asphalt surface.
Problem: Sinking in front of garage floors. This is a common problem that is caused when the over dig from your homes foundation has had time to settle. Once the dirt has settled, the asphalt sinks with it.
Solution: Cut out in front of the garage as far back as required to make a gradual transition with the new asphalt. Re-grade and compact the gravel base, then compact a new layer of hot asphalt surface making for a smooth transition into your garage without having to replace the whole driveway.
Problem: Webbing/ Gator-Cracking. These areas of asphalt have already failed and can not be saved with crack filler. Over time water will continue to deteriorate these areas and cause more cracking and holes.
Solution: This problem is repaired the same was as the problems listed above. We saw cut the problem area, re-grade/ compact the gravel base, then compact a new layer of hot asphalt surface.
If you have any other asphalt problems or concerns call us and a trained professional will be happy to go over solutions that best fit your needs.